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Pillars of ICMC

The Pillars of ICMC

Our chairman Rev. Dr. Jayaraj Krishnanan and our conespondent Mrs. Jayaseeli Christy are blessed with three children,
Rev.David Livingstone,Dr. Neva Lilly Esther M.B.B.S and Rev.Basil Bright the three greatest gift of god.

Dr.J.David Livingston, M.Div

Joint Director

"Silence is Gold" as the saying goes our Joint Director Rev. David Livingstone is a man of silence. He completed his Master of Divinity in the USA and now he is taking care of the orphanage anti ail the Institutions. He is known for his loving nature."

Dr. Neva Lilly Esther,M.B.B.S.,

Joint Director/ Administrative Director
“The meaning of the word "Courage" stands of our Joint Director and Administrative Director Dr. Neva Lilly Esther M.B.B.S. She is professionally a doctor and now the site is rendering, her wholehearted service as a doctor in the ICMC orphanage. She is well known for her Intelligence, boldness and administration power."

Rev. Dr.J.Basil Bright

Joint Director
Rev. Basil Bright as per his name he is very Bright and brisk and renders his whole hearted service in the Orphanage. He is also one of the Joint Director of ICNIC Educational Institutions, He is well known for his enthusiastic, friendly and loveable his time with the children in the orphanage."

ICMC family welcomes your wholeheartedly and wishes you all the very best for your bright future and fruitful career.