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Department of Nutrition Dietetics

Department of Nutrition Dietetics

Department of Nutrition Dietetics

"I am it Dietetics!!! I tint Obese!!! I a m Malnourished!!! No Worries come let's meet the Dietician."
"Nutrition and Dietctics" course plays a vital role in creating awareness, stressing the importance of health and hygienic life, give; insight to various aspects like advising diet for different age groups, meeting the daily nutritious needs of the family, etc.
We have well equipped laboratory with modernized equipments.

St ape for Higher Studies :

M.Sc., Nutrition and Dietetics.
Food Technolog.
Home Science
Private Dietician Course.

Job opportunities

• As Dietetician in Private and Government Sectors
• In Food Production Companies.
• In Railway Department as Food Quality Controller.
• Nutrition Consultant.