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Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce

"Senses raises up"! "Senses comes down"!
This department helps the students to become a great Business Administrator in future. With this motive, this department conducts various seminars related to the recent invention in this field. The students are asked to submit their seminar papers in order to improve their academic excellence. Guest Lecturers by eminent personalities are arranged periodically to improve the standard of the student.

Courses offered under these departments:

Courses Years
B.B.A 3years
B.Com 3 years
B.Com(CA) 3 years
B.Com (Corporate Secretary ship) 3years

Scope for Higher studies

M.B.A. M.C.A, M.H.M, M.Com, M.Com (CA), MEM, M.IIRM, MFS, MMM, M1 3, MSM, MPM, MFT, MLM, and other professional courses like CA. lCWA, ACS. CFA. etc .

Job opportunities

• Opportunities in the field of Marketing.
• Opportunities in the banking and insurance Companies.
• Opportunities in the Auditing Field and many other valuable Field.
• Executives in the field of marketing.
• Accountants in Organisation.
• Public Relation Exécutives.
• Entrepreneurs