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Department of English

Department of English

Department of English

We offer both UG and PG Course for English Literature. As there is a demand for English teachers there is a fruitful future for those study English. We have English Liter-my Association for both the UG and PG students. This Association imbibes the importance of English language and trains the students to speak English fluently without grammatical mistakes. There is a bright future for in the field of Journalism, Telecommunications and many other fields for those opt English as their major Degree.

Courses offered under these departments:

Courses Years
BA(English)   3years
MA(English)   2 years

Scope for Higher studies

• M.A in English. Journalism. Tourism and Development, Mass Communications, Linguistics, Environmental Economics, Psychology, Population Studies, sociology / Social Dynamics, Public administrations. Industrial Relation. Political Science, Translation Studies, History. Economics and etc..
• M.B.A.. M.M.M. M .S. W

Job opportunities

• Ample opportunities in the field of Journalism.
• Opportunities in Mass Communication.
• Opportunities in Advertising Sector and Media.
• Teaching in Educational Institutions.
• Opportunities in Travel and tourism
• In the field of Marketing .